What to Do Immediately After An Earthquake

    • Check the situation in your home and assess the wellbeing of any occupants. Check to see phones were not shaken off hooks.
    • Put out small fires. If fire is larger than a trash can, leave room, close door(s), and call 911.
    • If safe, take a walk around your home and carefully look for damage including checking for gas leaks.
    • Go to your prearranged COPE neighborhood meeting site to report what you have seen.
    • Your Meeting Site:___(Each sector has a meeting site.)_____________
    • Get car out of garage and load it with supplies to prepare for evacuation, if necessary.
    • Call your out-of-state contact to check on safety of family members and relay messages.
    • Turn radio to KZST 100.1 FM or KSRO 1350 AM.
    • Expect aftershocks



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