Medical Response


Medical Response

Medical Response is the ability of our neighborhood to respond to those injured in the event of a major disaster.  We will need to be able to treat non life-threatening injuries as the hospitals will be overwhelmed.  We have several people in the neighborhood with medical backgrounds committed to an organized medical response.

What Will We Be Able To Do?

The first step will be triage. The goal is to identify and transport out those seriously injured and to treat the wounded.  Injuries that may be common in a disaster are open wounds, burns and fractures.  Terra Linda Court has been identified as a flat space where triage could be set up.

Are We Prepared?

Yes!  The neighborhood raised money for supplies over the past 6 years.  We now have 13 bins filled with medical supplies.  There is one bin stored in each sector.  We will use the bins to treat the wounded in the triage area if this is needed in a disaster.

How You Can Help

We will need volunteers.  A major disaster will require many people to help triage, treat and transport victims as needed.  Whether you have a medical background or not, we will need your help.

Other Resources

The Red Cross has first aid and disaster training classes.

Sonoma County CERT has community emergency response training


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