The following are recent news items for Lomita Heights Neighborhood:

Neighborhood website changes
February 10, 2013
The Lomita Height Neighborhood Association has for the past several months improved the website.  Wordpress is used as the host. With this change the sector leaders can make changes and additions to the site to keep it current.  This new system is user friendly and allows editing to be accomplished easier than the old system.  When the website is opened the first page is actually a blog page which allows new items to be placed on the site very easily.  This change to a new and improved site was the result of many hours of help from Keith Hilen, a computer expert.  The association appreciates his help and thanks him immensely.
The Key To Disaster Survival? Friends And Neighbors
July 4, 2011
In Kobe in 1995, if you knew where your neighbors slept, because the earthquake was very early in the morning, you knew where to dig in the rubble to find them early enough in the process for them to survive.”Read more at NPR »
Keep Kids Alive
February 1, 2010
Watch for these signs around the neighborhood. They are moved from time to time and only left out on select days for maximum impact. We are hoping to make our streets safer. Let us know what you think.
Neighborhood website launches
August 29, 2008
Our new website launched on August 29. We hope you find the information on the site useful. We expect to add news, updates and new content on a regular basis. Please drop a line to Ken Howe ( or Keith Hilen ( if you have anything you would like to post, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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