Meet Your Neighbor

Facebook page for Lomita Heights Neighborhood ORGANIZATION

Lomita Heights has its own Facebook page which is slightly different in purpose and title from this site. It is listed in the Facebook GROUPS category as LOMITA HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD Organization.
2008_bbq_chuck_and_ken2 Chuck Baker — Chuck and his wife, Barbara, bought their home on Conifer in 1978 and raised their two daughters in this friendly section of Lomita Heights. They retired after 25 years as owner/operators of A&A Transmissions where they acquired a well deserved reputation of honesty and reliability. Did you know— their house and the Jensen’s were the first homes built in that area in the early 50’s. The street, Buena Vista had not been built yet.Ken Howe — Ken and his wife, Shirley, both former Canadians, purchased their home in 1969. Shirley (R.N.) and Ken (M.D.) met in Cincinnati during his internship and got married in Albuquerque while Ken was fulfilling his draft obligation with the US Public Health Service taking care of Pueblo Indians. Once they thought of moving but were out voted by their two children.
2008_bbq_von_and_rosie2 Henry “Von” and Rosie Vonder Mehden — Von and Rosie are the neighbors everyone wish they had. They have lived in our neighborhood since 1978, their son and daughter, long on their own, are very involved in our local wine industry (Korbel & Arrowwood). Von retired after 53 years in the sales/leasing auto business. He was with Leslie Leasing for 20 of those years. Rosie can be found at The Classic Duck in Montgomery Village where she works a few days a week. Both Von and Rosie are active gardeners. Rosie takes care of the flowers while the crops are mostly Von’s efforts. They also maintain a small orchard. If you need some garden hints and how to’s, I’d ask them!
2009_cindy Cindy our Mail Lady — Cindy has been working for the U. S. Post Office since 1998 and delivering our mail for almost 8 years. She delivers to all of the Lomita Heights Neighborhood plus much, much, more. What she likes best about her job is her customers, that’s Us! She enjoys most of the dogs she meets but there is one or two that give her cause for concern. She tries very hard to give us the best possible service, and guess what, she delivers

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