Update from Ken Howe



Update from Ken Howe

April 17, 2014

Welcome to our website! I live at 529 El Dorado Ct. (sector 9).  At this moment I am the president of Lomita Heights Neighborhood Association (LHNA) as well as one of the sector leaders. Lomita Heights is a great neighborhood and continues to be great because of its residents and their active participation in the LHNA.

We deal with issues of safety and have an ongoing project called COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies). For the COPE program we have 13 First Aid Bins, one in each of the 13 sectors of the Lomita Heights Neighborhood community. This was organized by one of our neighbors, Nancy Smith, over several years.

Our neighborhood continues to place signs of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25. These signs are displayed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, alternating sites on Terra Linda Dr. and Buena Vista Dr. Many thanks to the ten different neighbors that post and maintain these signs.

Recently, we have had radar trailers placed at different sites throughout the neighborhood to remind both residents and visitors of their driving speed. These trailers have been placed by the volunteer Santa Rosa Police Department and will continue to show their presence occasionally at different areas of Lomita Heights.

The Neighborhood Watch program was accepted by the LHNA with signs posted on light polls to remind residents and visitors that this program is active in keeping our neighborhood safe.

LHNA has created a wonderful website. Many items are on this site including the history of Lomita Heights and disaster planning guidelines. Everyone is encouraged to visit all of the items on this site.

I personally welcome any suggestions about our neighborhood and invite anyone who is interested to attend one of our quarterly LHNA meetings (next meeting date is posted on the home page). Please give me a call at 544-1598 if you are interested in attending a meeting or learning more.

Ken Howe, volunteer president of LHNA


Update from Ken Howe

July 15, 2011

Hi, I live at 529 El Dorado Ct. (sector 9).  At this moment I am the president of Lomita Heights Neighborhood Association as well as one of the sector leaders.  Julie Collins and others put a lot of energy and work into forming Lomita Heights Neighborhood Association and subsequently collaborating with the City of Santa Rosa to start our own neighborhood COPE.  In 2009 Julie asked me to take over the leadership role of the group.  (I had a weak moment and said YES)  She still has a very active role in our group and is a sector leader herself.  Now on to the present.  We are about 75% complete with our census.  This is crucial since we need to know who exactly lives in the neighborhood.  While we are finishing this chore, we are now concentrating on education and being prepared for emergencies.  As Team Leader my goal is to have the census completed in the near future and hopefully have 90% of the neighborhood prepared for an emergency.  If 90% are prepared, they can help the other 10% if needed.  We should be prepared for at least two weeks.  And as all of us are aware of recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and Turkey, we should all be motivated to complete this task of preparedness.  Adequate water, food, and medical care seem to be the top three needs.  That means 1 gallon of water per person per day for a total of 14 gallons for 2 weeks.  The water supply as well as electrical/gas could be interrupted.  COPE has presently 8 medical bins scattered throughout the neighborhood with the goal of 13 for complete coverage.  (we have 13 sectors to cover).  Our website has more details.

In addition to working on COPE, our group has worked on safety issues of our neighborhood with the most recent one being the KEEP KIDS ALIVE program.  This was done to address traffic that was more than 25MPH.

My vision as leader is to guide the neighborhood towards being more prepared for emergencies as well as addressing any issues involving safety in our neighborhood.  I personally want to do this in a positive manner.  And finally, I want to uphold our mission statement which is the following.

Our Mission Statement

The Lomita Heights Neighborhood Association exists for the purpose of providing information and assistance to all Lomita Heights residents on matters of general interest, especially safety issues.

I personally invite anyone to our meetings which are about every 3 to 4 months with the next one being on October 15, 2011 at 9:00 AM at my residence.  Please call me at 544-1598 if you would like to attend.


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